Candle Reaper M1 Forex Scalping System!

Take a look at this Candle Reaper M1 Scalping System specifically developed for trading on the M1 timeframe. M1 timeframe is fast moving plus there is a lot of noise on this timeframe meaning the percentage of signals being false is much greater as compared to the higher timeframes. What this means is that if you really want to trade on this timeframe, you should have a high probability winning system. Now you must keep this fact in mind is that M1 timeframe is not for new traders. Trading on this timeframe requires experience. You will have to watch the charts pretty carefully and you need to be attentive all the time. This means trading on this timeframe can be stressful. As the price action can move pretty fast on this timeframe you should always put a stop loss on any trade that you open immediately. Watch this Candle Reaper M1 Scalping System video below!

As you can see in this video, this M1 scalping system uses a very small stop loss which is something good plus it tries to maximize the profit. Now this M1 scalper system comprises two sub systems:

1. Reaper Control Centre Trade Manager EA  (RCC EA)-This is a position manager EA. As said above M1 timeframe is pretty fast so this EA has been programmed in a different language than MQL4 which is normally used in programming MT4 EAs. This makes this RCC much faster and accurate. There are buttons in the control center that will help you to Buy/Sell pretty fast. There is a Reverse Button as well which if clicked will close the existing trade and immediately open a new trade in the opposite direction. For example, you enter into a Buy position but the market does not cooperate. You can click on this reverse button so that the trade is closed with minimal loss and a new Sell position is opened immediately.

2. An Indicator Pack-A carefully selected and developed indicator pack is the other sub-system. RCC and the indicators make the complete system. You will use the indicators to open the trade when the indicators tell you to enter into a trade. Then you will use the RCC to manage the trade. However, you can also trade these two sub-systems individually.

First test this Candle Reaper Scalping System thoroughly on the demo account for at least a period of one month until you get a hang of how this system works. If you find it to be tedious to trade, simply get a refund. Good Luck!