FX Predator PRO FXPP Software-An Advanced Trading Tool That Made $792K!

FX Predator PROWatch this FX Predator PRO FREE video where the developer of this advanced trading tool reveals how he is making $532 daily with it. Developer of this FXPP Software is Matthew Shields. Mathew Shields is a PHD Java X programmer. One day he was fired from his corporate job. He had to feed his wife and kids. He decided never to work for someone else again. He turned to forex trading. He tried everything and failed. He raked up $24.2K worth of debt pretty soon. He was about to collapse.

Being a programmer for a big corporation before getting fired helped him a lot. You can watch the FX Predator PRO video and hear all what Matthew says. Now this is what the developer of this FX Predator PRO software is claiming. He is claiming that his Forex Predator PRO software exploits a hidden glitch in the forex market and helped stuff $792,114.51 in his bank account. He also shows the screenshot of one of his live trading accounts with $36,833.44 in it. According to the developer, his trading tool can help you make $500 to $1000 daily without any forex trading experience.

The developer is making many claims. Only way to know whether this FXPP software is going to work for you is to test it yourself on a demo account first and then on a live account with a small deposit. The FXPP software core is a trading system that uses a number of unique custom indicators that work in all market conditions.

This trading system gives multiple trading signals and can be used for not only trading currency pairs but trading gold, silver, indices and stocks too. When you download the system, you will also get a top notch education course written by a professional trader with 15 years of trading experience. Once you have tested the basic system on the demo account for a period of one month and feel satisfied with the results, you can also try the two upgrades which are:

FX Ultimate Predator PRO-This is a dashboard which displays all the signals from different timeframes in one window. FX Ultimate Predator PRO will cut a lot of your work by giving you a trade alert when there is a high probability trade setup.

FX Auto Predator PRO-With this FX Auto Predator PRO, you will be able to open, close or reverse all open positions, automatically set take profit and stop loss levels, use horizontal and vertical lines, trendlines and trend channels as pending orders and stop orders plus much more. This FX Auto Predator PRO will add tremendous value to your trading.

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