Tops & Bottoms V5.1 Expert Advisor Trades Trend Reversals In The Range Of 50 To 500 Pips!

This Tops & Bottoms V5.1 EA has been developed to trade trend reversals. In trading these trend reversals, this Tops And Bottoms V5.1 EA makes from 50 to 500 pips depending on the market situation. A trade can last from one hour to around seventy two hours. Tops And Bottoms EA trades these currency pairs: GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, GBP/CHF, EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP. This EA uses a strict entry and exit strategy and has the ability to find the potential highs and lows in the price action. Depending on the settings that you will choose while trading with this EA, it can make on average 1 to 7 trades in a week per currency pair.

Tops & Bottoms EA

This EA requires a low spread STP or NDD MT4 broker plus you will be needing a VPS to ensure that your EA does not face a disconnection from the internet. The developers are suggesting that you should backtest their EA using high quality tick data. What we suggest is that if you get interested, you should download this EA and test it thoroughly on your demo account for a period of two months. Backtesting is the starting point but there are several limitations when you backtest. What this means is that a good backtest is no guarantee that the EA will perform well while trading live.

However a forward test on a demo account can be helpful. Once again a forward test on a demo account is no substitute for a live test as there are some inherent difference in a demo account and a live account. For example, there is no slippage on a demo account and every trade will get executed perfectly but this is not the case on a live account. But a good demo account means that there is a high probability of this EA working well on a live account.

So this is what you should do. First test the Tops & Bottoms Robot on a demo account for one month. If the performance is not good, get a refund. However if the performance is good, further test it on the demo account for one more month. As a rule, never choose a risk setting of more than 2% when trading with an EA. If the performance of this Tops And Bottoms Robot is good on the demo account for two months, open a live account with a deposit of $500 and trade live with it.