How To Copy The Best Traders On eToro?

Not many people can withstand the stress of forex trader. For those people who cannot trade forex due to lack of time or find it to hard or stressful, they should download this How To Copy The Best Traders on eToro guide. Copying the best traders means you are going to copy their trades.

eToro Forex Course

As you can see from the above screenshot, this is a comprehensive guide with over 16 lectures and an instructional PDF that also gives the list of traders that you can copy. If you do it on your own, you will take a long time. But the developer of this guide has done all the home work for you. He will be giving you the list of best traders available on eToro.

Choose those who have a consistent record. Don’t allocate all your capital to only one trader. Allocate a percentage of the equity to a list of the best traders. This way you are hedging your risk. If one loses, you don’t lose big. You only lose a small percentage of your capital. Good Luck!