Winner’s Edge Trading Custom Tool Making 127% Every Year With 74% Winrate

Casey Stubbs from Winner’s Edge Trading has a custom tool that he says is making 127% return for him every year with an average winrate of 74%. Sounds awesome to me. What you should do is watch this Winner’s Edge Trading Custom Tool video by Casey Stubb in which he explains  how this tool can help you grow your account aggressively within reason ofcourse.

Winner's Edge Trading Custom Tool

These are some highlights about this custom tool:

–>Focused on Day Trading (lower time frame trading)
–>Targeting Aggressive Growth (within reason)
–>High Win Rate (about 74%)
–>Custom Tool/Software
–>Super Simple to Use
–>Approach trades all sessions, should work for anyone

We all that the currency market is highly unpredictable. You are never sure when the market is going to change direction. This makes it very tough for an ordinary trader like you and me to have a high winrate like 70%. Without a high winrate forget about growing your account on a consistent basis. Casey Stubbs (who’s been at this Forex thing for a while) is launching a new tool that’s been built from the ground up to accomplish that specific task. As Casey puts it, “The way to build an account aggressively is to simply win a ton of trades.” He has a free video up now that explains how his new approach makes it simple to do just that…