Winner Binary Signals With An Average 80% Accuracy!

Winner Binary Signals have an average 80% accuracy. You get Winner Binary Signals via email or a text message on your iPhone or any other mobile device. Winner Binary Signals software analyzes the market round the clock using both fundamental as well as technical analysis. It gives a put or call signal when it finds a high probability trade that meets multiple parameters. Below is an example of how this software generates the signals!

Winner Binary Signals

This is an example of the market moving after some economic news is released. The software anticipates the market move and first issues a put signal and then when the market reaches the bottom it issues a call signal.

Winner Binary Signal

The above screenshot is an example of the software using technical analysis and issuing a call signal when the MACD signal line crosses the histogram in a down direction indicating the start of an uptrend.

Winner Binary Option Signal

This is an example of the software using the moving average cross over and first giving a put signal and later giving a call signal.

Winner Binary Signal

This is an example of a market ranging. The software draws the horizontal support and the resistance line. When the market touches the support, it gives a call signal and when the market touches the resistance, it gives a put option. You can test these Winner Binary Signals RISK FREE for 60 days. If the broker that you are using doesn’t provide a demo account, just paper trade these signals for one month and check the accuracy. If the accuracy is above 80%, you can think about trading live with them. Alongwith the Winner Binary Signals, you will also get money management tips.