Traders Secret Code A Day Trading System That Trades Any Market By Mark McRae!

Traders Secret CodeMark McRae is the main person behind the SurefireTrading Challenge. This is one of the biggest online forex competitions which is held after every few months. After the competition, the winner is asked to share the winning forex system with the rest of the world. You can take a detailed look at the past Surefire Trading Challenge Winning Systems. Mark McRae recently announced the start of the new Surefire Trading Challenge. You can register for the Surefire Trading Challenge and listen to the interviews of the past winners. Registration for this Surefire Trading Challenge is FREE.

Traders Secret Code is a day trading method discovered by Mark McRae. This Traders Secret Code can be used in any market whether it is forex, futures, stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs or whatever you trade. Now if you don’t know Mark McRae, you can read one of my earlier posts titled, “Surefire Forex Trading” where I introduced readers of my blog to Mark McRae. What you need is a simple method that works no matter what market you want to trade. Many traders make the mistake of cluttering up their charts with a multitude of indicators but still end up making one losing trade after another.

Traders Secret Code is a very effective method. Mark McRae had been trading for many years. He had tried each and every indicator. But without much success. It all started as an article to his subscribers. Mark McRae had been messing around with the usual indicators like the MACD, RSI, EMAs and few others when he left his office one day. The next day when he returned to his office, he looked at the charts. He found that all the indicators had given a buy signal at almost the same time. He didn’t ponder over this strange fact but thought it to be something interesting.

Again he found the indicators giving the same signals at almost the same time. This was not only on the daily timeframe but other timeframes as well. He thought it to be another interesting quirk of the charts. He decided to test the new setup. He was astonished to find the winning rate to be better than his old tried and tested method for years. Mark McRae had found the Traders Secret Code, a method so effective that he trades it even today.

This Traders Secret Code Is Not Suitable For New Traders!

Now a word of caution. This Traders Secret Code is not suitable for new traders. You need to have some trading experience in order to understand this method. This is a robust and a simple method that can be applied to any timeframe starting from the 5 minute to daily and weekly. With the help of this Traders Secret Code, you will be able to capture the big moves in any market whether it is forex, futures, stocks, commodities, ETFs or whatever. However as said above, this Traders Secret Code requires some trading experience in order to understand and will only suits you if you have some trading experience. You can try it for full 60 days. Everything has been explained in 30 odd videos. Just grab a cup of coffee, relax and watch these videos. After understanding this Trader Secret Code, try it on a demo account. If you don’t get good results as are being claimed, you can ask Mark McRae for a refund.