The Fibo Code Transformed A $1K Account Into $142K

The Fibo Code has been launched by Alberto Pau, Don Gulzaar Russell and Leonard Shaw. Now if you want to rake in 100+ pips per trade than read on and discover how the Fibo Code can help you. Learning forex can be an expensive and a time consuming experience. Instead of going for a trial and error approach on your own, reduce your learning curve by following the Fibo Code. The Fibo Code will help you cut years of expensive trial and error. Watch the video below where one student talks about this code. Alberto has now converted the Fibo Code into The Fibo Code EA that automatically implements the strategy without you being present infront of the computer monitor all the time.


Now if you have been trading for a while you might have tried to use Fibonacci Levels also known as the Fibo Levels in your trading. Learning the theory behind these levels is easy to understand. Fibonacci sequence was discovered by an Italian mathematician in the 13th century. Just add the two numbers in the sequence to get the next number. Golden ratio is found by dividing any number in the sequence by the proceeding number and so on and so forth. But most traders don’t get the hang of how to use these fibo levels in their trading. Drawing these levels is always a subjective matter as it all depends on your choice of the swing high and the swing low. Below is the screenshot of 300 pips being made with this system.

The Fibo Code

you will discover how easy it is to draw these levels and make 100+ pips per trade. Alberto Pau the developer of this system is an ex bank trader. He had been trading for a big bank and lost something like $700K in just 4 days when his boss called him and told him that if you lose more dollars you will be fired from the bank. That was his turning point. In the next few years, he was able to make $38 million for the bank. Alberto is someone who can show you how to trade forex. You will be surprised to know this fact the the bank traders use fibonacci levels and pivot points in their trading a lot. Since most pro traders use these levels in their trading, you will find that the market becomes reactive close to these levels. So you will often find these levels working like a self fulfilling prophecy. Now below is another screenshot of how the Fibo Code made 50 pips in 2.5 hours!

The Fibo Code

Instead of wasting money on junk forex robots, what you should be doing is learn the Fibo Code and then apply it on your demo account. Once you master it, you can start trading live with it.