Sane FX Binary Options Trading System For Trading 30 Minute, 1 Hour And Daily Options!

John Campbell has recently released his Sane FX Binary Options Trading System. According to John Campbell you need to be a serious trader if you want to get results with this Sane Sane FX Binary OptionsBinary Options System. SaneFX Binary Options System has been developed to trade forex, commodities, indices and shares with 30 minute, hourly and daily options. Now if you haven’t traded binary options (BOs) before than you might want to know what are these BOs. BOs are a nice way to profit from the market volatility. You just need to predict the market direction correctly in order to make a return of 75%.

Let’s get specific with an example so that you can understand in a much better manner what are these BOs. Suppose you are trading GBP/USD pair. Suppose the rate is 1.58062. You take a look at the M15 chart. There is a nice bullish divergence pattern appearing. You are pretty sure that the rate is going to go up in the next one hour. If you have been trading forex, you would love to enter into a long trade, put a stop loss and take profit target and wait for the profit target to be hit instead of the stop loss. Often times it happens, the market retraces, hits the stop loss and then starts moving in your direction once again to hit the profit target. But then you are not in the trade as the stop loss has already been hit. What this means is that you need to manage the trade all along till the take profit target is hit.

But let’s consider a far more simpler and easier method to make 75% return in 1 hour. It doesn’t matter whether the market made a retracement as long as price is above the strike price at the end of 1 hour, you will make a profit of 75%. It also doesn’t matter how much the market moved during that 1 hour. You just need to be above the strike price by only 1 pip in order to make a profit of 75%. Of course, the market can end up below the strike price. Strike price is the price at which you had entered the options. You decide the amount you want to invest in an option. Since you are pretty sure that the rate will end up higher at the end of 1 hour, you buy an hourly CALL option. Hourly means the CALL option will expire after one hour. Suppose you invest $100 in the CALL option.

If the rate is above 1.58062 at the end of 1 hour, you make $175. Your profit is $75. However if the rate ends up below 1.58062, you lose $100. This is the maximum you can lose. Your initial investment. Once you have entered into a trade, it is set and forget. No need to manage anything. Either you will win and make 75% or you are going to lose your initial investment. In order to win, you need a trading system that can tell you with a high probability what direction the market will move.

John Campbell has been trading forex, gold and oil for a long time. He used to own a small IT firm in UK when he stumbled upon forex trading. He sold his IT firm and shifted to the sunny Malta. For 15 years, he has been successfully trading forex, gold and oil. He now lives in the Canary Island. He recently started trading binary options. He has developed this Sane FX Binary Options Trading System that you can use to trade forex, stocks, commodities and indices. For example in July 2012, John Campbell made 170 trades with $100 options out of which 130 trades were winners and only 40 trades were losers. Profit was $5,100 with the $100 options. Winning 130 trades out of 170 means the winrate of this Sane FX Binary Options System is something like 76%. Below is the screenshot of the signals generated by this SaneFX Binary Options Trading System.

SaneFX Binary Options

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  • Riley Stuart

    April 4, 2013

    I came across a review article of traderush review site wherein they mentioned about the 60 seconds binary trading option. I think this is a kind of trading wherein you can get a better return yet the risk factor is really high. In this trade you can willfully submit to a call and put option with a 60 seconds time frame only, so you don’t have enough chance to check some signals available. They cover up such a great amount of returns yet I am afraid that there are better chances of loosing money on this kind of trade.