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Market Deal Trade Of The Week

Every week you get one new trade of the week idea. EUR/USD is heading towards the resistance of 1.38936. Right now EUR/USD is hovering around 1.36000. This means a 300+ pip move. This is the trade of the week.

Market Deal Trade Of The Week

As you can see from the above screenshot EUR/USD is moving in a channel for the past several weeks.  It got bounced off from the lower trendline which acted as the support. This means EUR/USD is heading towards the upper trendline which is going to act as a resistance now. So you can plan this EUR/USD trade that is going to unfold in the next few days and bad 300+ pips easily. So whatever market you are trading, you can subscribe to that market and get the trade idea of the week. Every week you will get an email with one trade idea that is being planned by the elite traders at some big institutional investment houses. These trade ideas of the week can give you enough material to plan your own trades around those trade ideas. You can subscribe to this trade idea of the week FREE.