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Download this Market Blueprint Trader FREE. When you download the Market Blueprint Trader, you get the chance to watch an 11 minute video in which Josh Martinez explains his Euro Open Forex Trading Strategy.

Market Blueprint Trader

This is a must see video in which Josh Martinez shows how to trade the open of the European Market Session. This is the time when the London Market opens. London is still considered to be the forex center of the world. Heavy transactions take place when the London Market opens. New York is second to London. The Asian Market Session is when Yen gets trading during the Tokyo open time. But the volumes are not as high as during the London Open.

Many traders love to trade this London Open. When at 8:30 the banks and the other big financial institutions open around London, heavy transactions take place. These transactions make the forex market highly volatile. This volatile is what makes pips for the scalpers and day traders. So you must watch this 11 minute video in which Josh Martinez explains his strategy for trading the European Market Open. After watching the video, don’t hesitate to register for the FREE Forex Webinar in which Josh Martinez is going to further reveal how he uses this strategy practically with some special trading tools that he has developed over the years. This is a 90 minute webinar that is full of content for the new traders.