FX Template v1.3 Create Your Own EA And Forex Robots!

With this FX Template v1.3, you can create your own forex robot or what you call an EA (Expert Advisor). Suppose you have a mechanical forex strategy that works. But trading with that mechanical strategy daily is a time consuming process. You have to sit in front of your computer for a few hours daily to trade that strategy. You might want to automate your proven and tested mechanical strategy but maybe you don’t know anything about programming in MQL4 language. Hiring an MQL4 programmer can be a costly business. You might have to pay something like $100-$200 per hour for utilizing his programming skills. There is a cheaper solution. If this is the case and you are a novice in MQL4 programming, you can take the help of this FX Template v1.3 to create your own EA that will automatically execute your manual strategy.

Trading is now a game of machines versus human beings. Big banks and hedge funds use automated trading systems to make millions in the currency markets as they have the resources to hire the quants that can do all the complex coding for them. These machines developed by the quants can trade 24/5 without tiring. As a retail trader, you cannot compete against the big banks and the hedge funds. Learning MQL4 language is as difficult as learning forex trading itself. Moreover you don’t need to learn it. This FX Template is a fully documented algorithmic trading toolbox. This is what you get when you download this FXTemplate:

1. Algorithmic Trading Toolbox: This EA will help you in developing customized automated trading strategies.

2. Composition Specification Guide: This 18 page PDF will explain how to setup FX Template Strategies.

3. Essential Forex Calculations Workbook:You need to know these 11 calculations that are needed in order to keep your account growing. This workbook will help you learn how to make those 11 calculations.

There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you are interested, you can download this FXTemplatev1.3 and try it. If it makes things easy for you, you can use it otherwise you can always get a refund. You will be able to accomplish many things with this software like hide stop loss and take profit from the broker, only trade during a particular market session or particular time of the day, use volatility based stop loss and take profit targets, halting trading for a predetermined length of time, use complex money management strategies, use intelligent break even tactics and much more.

FX Template