FX AutoTrader Elite By Andrew Peters

FX Auto Trader Elite has been developed by Andrew Peters. FX AutoTrader Elite gives you a set of four indicators that you can adjust and tweak in accordance with your trading strategy. You can also set your own take profit and stop loss targets. Watch the video below that explains what Andrew Peters is offering!


If you have a trading strategy and you are finding it difficult to sit infront of the computer screen door hours daily, this FX Autotrader Elite is ideal for you. FX AutoTrader Elite EA can be adjusted to work on any timeframe. Choose M15 timeframe if you use it in your trading strategy. Adjust the EA and test it on the demo account. Once you have tested it you can start making live trades. Choose H4 timeframe if you use it in your trading strategy. Whatever timeframe you use, you can use it on this EA. Andrew Peters has developed a comprehensive user guide for his EA that you can download it and read it. This user guide will help you a lot in making the EA work for you.  Andrew Peters is also giving a special bonus-FREE Trendmaster R1 EA. This EA combines ADX with RSI. It gives trading signals based on the strength of the trend. It is easy to use and fully adjustable. Below is a screenshot of this FX AutoTrader Elite EA in action.

FX AutoTrader Elite