Forex Trading Marathon-13 Hours Live Uncut FREE Forex Training!

You should register for this Forex Trading Marathon just now. In this Forex Trading Marathon, 4 champion forex traders are going to share live with you how they tackle the 3 market session daily.

Forex Trading Marathon

These 4 champion forex traders are Jared Martinez, CEO and founder of Market Traders Institute MTI, his son Joshua Martinez who is a swing trader, Jeff Watkins who is a day trader and Jose Tormos who is an expert forex scalper. The 4  forex training sessions will be:

1-Live Trading the Euro Open by Joshua Martinez. In this forex training session, see the popular London Breakout Trading Strategy at work live on the market

2-Man vs Pips System Tackles the U.S. Market Open by Jose Tormos. In this session, see the Man vs. Pips system tackle timely market movements in real time

3-Unleashing the Power of System Trading by Jeff Watkins. In this session, get the truth about using autotrading systems and ways that could boost your return on investment

4-Lessons Learned from losing $400,000 in 5 hours (and tactics for how you could win just as much)
by Jared Martinez