Forex Surfing 92 Page eBook FREE Download

In this 92 page Forex Surfing eBook you are going to learn how to surf the forex market like a surfer. As a new trader, you should do a lot of reading. This will help you a lot in discovering your winning edge. Some traders are comfortable as scalpers while others are more comfortable as a swing trader. In this Forex Surfing eBook, learn how you can ride the price waves in the currency market just like a surfer riding an ocean wave as long as possible.

Always remember there are trends within a trend. What this means is that on the H4 timeframe you might find an uptrend but on the H1 timeframe, the trend might be down. You need to learn how to determine the market flow. This requires looking at the different timeframes and trying to visualize the big picture. These are the table of content of this Forex Surfing eBook:


Part 1 – Welcome
How I Came Up With This
Mental Sanity Warning
Basic Basics

Part 2 – Basics
Some Basics
Candles and Charts

Part 3 – The Surfing Concepts
Surfing Basics
Basic Strategy – Variation 1
Basic Strategy – Variation 2
Variation 3 – Combination of Basic 1 & 2
Basic Strategy – Variation 4 – Skimpy Version of 1
Broker’s PIP Spread
Practice Time

Part 4 – Trading Rules
About Profits
About Risks
Hugely Important Point
#1 Trading Rule
#2 Trading Rule
#3 Trading Rule
#4 Trading Rule
#5 Trading Rule

Part 5 – Surfing Trends
Micro Trends
Looking At Different Views

Part 6 – Surfing Opportunities
Looking For “Reasons”
First Things First
Opportunity 1 – Trend Line Bounces
Opportunity 2 – Trading Session Moves
Opportunity 3 – After FA “Duds”
Opportunity 4 – FA Explosions “After Surf”
Opportunity 5 – Trading Triangles
Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Opportunity 6 – More Triangles & Flags
Strategy 3 – For Flat Bottoms & Tops
Strategy 4 – For Descending & Ascending
Opportunity 7 – Consolidation Channel Breakouts
Opportunity 8 – Inside Consolidations
Variation – Blue To Blue – Daily Use
One More Tip
Opportunity 9 – Trading Fibonacci
Fibonacci Theory 101
Fibonacci Variation 1
Fibonacci Variation 2
Fibonacci Variation 3
Opportunity 10 – Compounded Gains
Compound Gains Variation 1
Compound Gains Variation 2
Compound Gains Exit Strategies
Exit 1 – Manual Exit
Exit 2 – Get Stopped

Part 7 – Reversal Signals
Trend Line Breaks
King’s Crown, Head & Shoulders, 1-2-3- Tops/Bottoms
Double Tops/Bottoms
Other Things To Look For

Part 8 – Fundamental Announcements
Looking At The FA Calendar
Key Announcements
Additional Info For The USD (USA)

Part 9 – Final Thoughts
Looking At Currency Pairs
Resources Section
Get Ready & Start Trading
Happy Trading!!!