Forex Profit Magic Trade Alert Software Can Turn 30 Pips into 109 Pips!

Forex Profit MagicForex Profit Magic is a trade alert software that has been developed by Alexander Hamilton. According to Alexander Hamilton, his Forex Profit Magic Software can turn a 30 pip move in the market into a 109 pip gain. This is what Alexander Hamilton says about himself, he manages over $10 million from private investors from all across the globe. Now, this amount might seem huge to you. But Alex just daily logs into his master account that has got $10K. All his trades are automatically copied to his clients accounts using the PAMM system. What this means is that this trade alert software has been developed by a real pro trader who knows how to get pips out of the market.

The plus thing about this Forex Profit Magic Software is that it has the capacity to turn a 30 pip move into a 109 pip gain. This is what happens when there is a confirmed trend on a given timeframe, this software opens successive trades after every one or two candles so instead of one open trade, you can have 5 or more open trades and when the trades are closed each trade will garner 15 pips + 10 pips or so in trailing stop per trade. This software works for both scalpers as well as swing traders. Whether you are a part time trader or a full time trader, Forex Profit Magic trade alert software suits you. Below is a screenshot of this software in action:

Forex Profit Magic

As you can see from the screenshot, Forex Profit Magic easily turned a 224 pip move into a whopping 758 pips gain. So you can see how this Forex Profit Magic Software can multiply your profits.


  • aminuddin

    January 6, 2013

    How do i download this software i really admire it

    • ratko

      January 7, 2014

      If you need any information about this software send me E-mail to