Forex Chronos Automated Trading System Developed By Alexander Collins

Forex Chronos is the latest automated trading system developed by Alexander Collins. Forex Chronos is supposed to make things easy for you. It’s a fact retail traders who trade manually are always at a disadvantage. They have to enter the orders manually. This can take seconds. On the other hand banks and hedge funds use automated systems that take just a few milliseconds to enter the orders. Alexander Collins is well known as an automated system developer. You must watch the Forex Chronos video that has been released in which he explains why big players in the market like Citi Bank, BOA, JP Morgan and others have replaced over 80,000 traders over the past few years with computers. Below is the screenshot of the Forex Chronos equity curve.

Forex Chronos

As you can see the equity curve of Forex Chronos is very smooth with indicates that this system is good and has a low drawdown. This is the first Forex Chronos video. In the next Forex Chronos video, Alexander Collins is going to show you what really works in today’s market and what is the strategy behind Forex Chronos. The third video will show the performance figures, analytical figures and compatability figures of Forex Chronos.