Forex Beginner Course Comprising 10 Video Tutorials

If you are looking for a forex beginner course than you must go further no more. This is a good forex beginner course that comprises of 10 video tutorials. Most new traders fail. Why? Because they jump into trading without understanding how the candlestick patterns, moving averages and indicators work. You must watch these 10 video tutorials if you are a new trader. You will learn a lot from these 10 video tutorials! After watching this forex beginner course video tutorials you will be able to determine the trend and know when the top or the bottom is going to form. This will help you in making the right entry and the right exit in the direction of the trend. This is the first video tutorial that reviews the 3 simple moving averages.

This is the second video tutorial!

This is the third video tutorial on how to read price action!

This is the fourth video tutorial that shows how to perceive the early signals of warning of a bottom or a top.

In this video tutorial you learn how to read price action in more detail.

This video tutorial shows how to find the trading opportunities on the different pairs on a daily basis!

In this seventh video tutorial you will learn the importance of always checking the longer timeframe before jumping into a trade!

This video tutorial teaches confluence of support and resistance.

This video tutorial talks about avoiding the economic news release!

This is the tenth and the last video tutorial!