FATv3 Forex Trading Tools Make Your Trading Much Easier!

These FATv3 Forex Trading Tools will help you a lot in your trading. It doesn’t matter whether you trade manually or use an EA for auto trading, you can use these FATv3 Forex Trading Tools. When you are trading, it happens sometimes like this. You have multiple trades open. You have to close them all at once. Doing this manually will take time and when you have closed all the open trades, you might find that price had moved away from what you had in your mind when you wanted to close the trades. But using this FATv3 forex software, you can do so with one click of a button. Not only this but you can also use a special MT4 script that is included in these tools to set different filters when closing multiple trades.

As the above video shows, these FATv3 Forex Trading Tools will make your trading much easier. These are some features of this FATv3 forex software:

1. One click trading.
2. Hotkey entry.
3. Hidden pending orders.
4. Works with any broker.
5. Supports 4/5 digit brokers-ECN, DD, STP etc.
6. Works on any currency pair, metals, indices and CFDs.

FATv3 Forex Trading Tools

When you are going to download this software, you are also going to get the following bonuses:

1. Hide Stop Loss and Take Profit.
2. Hidden Trail Stop and Breakeven.
3. Open trades with hidden TP/SL.
4. Protect your funds.
5. Disable all open EAs.
6. Use hotkeys to open trades.
7. Different TP levels.
8. One click trade exit.
9 Multiple filters

FATv3 Forex Software

Stealth EA Mini will help you hide the stop loss and take profit targets from the brokers. Something very important as you don’t want the broker to stop hunt. This is done by converting your stop loss and take profit targets into horizontal MT4 line objects that are not visible at the brokers’s end. In the same manner Equity Sentry EA will monitor your account and if you account’s floating profit/loss reaches a certain level as set by you, it will close all the open trades, disable all the EAs and even close the MT4 platform itself. Renew Trade Tool will help you reopen any trade with a pending order while the Trade Open Script will help you open the trades much faster.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your trading habits. If you are a serious trader, you might like to test this FAT v3 Forex Software for sometime. It comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. If you think you haven’t received any value for these forex trading tools, you can always ask for a refund.