Break And Go Trading Strategy Is A Simple 2 Step Method That Works

Break and Go is a trend trading strategy. You will be amazed at the simplicity of this Break and Go Trading Strategy. You can download this Break and Go Trading Strategy FREE at no cost. Casey Stubbs is the developer of this strategy and he explains everything in simple and clear terms.

Break and Go

Casey Stubbs has also developed a few custom indicators that make this trading strategy even more simple. The idea is to catch the trend after the retracement is over. You see a trend develops all of a sudden. If you are not an experienced trader, don’t try to catch the trend when it is in infancy. Wait for the price to retrace. This confirms that the trend is in place and it is going to continue. Enter at the end of the retracement in the direction of the trend. So you can also call this Break and Go Strategy as a Trend Continuation Strategy.

Trading is all about learn a simple strategy. Practicing it to perfection and then using it on a daily basis to make pips. Complicated strategies don’t work. Simple strategies work the best. Break and Go is a simple strategy. You will be amazed at its simplicity.