Binary Genetic Software by Ian Harris!

Binary Genetic Software developed by Ian Harris is making $6K and more daily for him. Binary Genetic software uses a breakthrough new technology called Genetic Algo as being claimed by Ian Harris. Ian Harris is a former maths teacher turned a binary options trader who has a made a lot of money trading binary options. Below is a screenshot that gives some clue as to how much Ian Harris has made!

Binary Genetic

As you can see from the above screenshot, Ian Harris has made more than $536K in just 6 months using this software. Now this is what Ian Harris has claimed. You never know whether this software is as good as he claims. The only way to know that is to test it yourself. If you trade with a broker that provides a demo account, you can easily do that. Just test this Binary Genetic Software on the demo account. And in case your broker does not provide a demo account, simply paper trade using this software for one month. Make a trading journal and enter each signal in that journal. After one month, check the performance of the signals generated by the Binary Genetic Software. If the performance is good, you can think about trading live. Otherwise, go for a refund.